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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  August 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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heart feels better than ever. >> i like this guy. this is going to be something good. eric, yeah, hey, you found me, eric. thanks. thanks. can't wait to hear what you have to say. okay, bye. >> ow. the news keeps coming tonight. brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. a young officer from prince george's county killed while chasing a suspect on i-95. tonight we have new images of the other driver that may have contributed to his death. we've been following this developing story on the air and online all day. about an hour ago police identified the fallen officer as 23-year-old adrian morris from laurel. morris was thrown from his cruiser when it ran off the interstate this morning. another officer in the car was also injured. fox 5's bob barnard live at police headquarters in palmer park with the surveillance photos police want you to see. >> reporter: in a moment you'll see a photo of one of two men who prince george's county police say were responsible for today's deadly
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crash. they were seen fleeing by police and witnesses in a gray acura tl with temporary tags, two men who have not been caught. he was killed after being ejected from his police cruiser when left the road and landed in a ditch while pursuing a cash south on i-95 south of powder mill road. 23-year-old adrian morris had been on the force 2 1/2 years born in jamaica raised in laurel. morris became a u.s. citizen in 2009. his partner not being identified tonight also a young man just a year with the department was treated and released from prince george's hospital center. >> this job is not an easy job by any means and there's dangers in everything that we do just about, but these officers were dedicated to doing their duty and that's what they were doing is following up on this theft report. >> reporter: prince george's county police say this is a surveillance photo of one of
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two men responsible for the crash that killed officer morris, men who tried to steal a car a shell gas station on sandy spring road or 198 in laurel around noon today. >> as responding police officers were on the scene interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence, a gas station employee noticed that the suspect vehicle had just returned to the station. the on scene police officers were alerted. they returned to their police car and drove off after that suspect's car. >> reporter: witnesses on the interstate say during the high speed pursuit the fleeing gray acura cut off the police cruiser. >> the police car tried to avoid hitting him and they swerved and lost control and they came down and they started turning and flipped over into the embankment. >> reporter: just before sunset officer morris' flag draped casket was taken from prince george's hospital center and placed into a waiting ambulance. it was then given an escort,
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the department in mourning, two suspects being sought. prince george's county police tonight say the two men who caused today's deadly accident are suspected in a similar auto theft case in montgomery county this morning. they're facing a whole host of charges when they are caught. >> bob barnard tonight. again, there is a $25,000 reward leading to the arrest of the driver who may have contributed to this deadly crash. we posted the surveillance photos and hotline number on our website c. the news edge in virginia where fairfax county police are trying to solve a horrible crime, a little girl just 5 years old sexually assaulted near an alexandria playground. will thomas is in the newsroom now. >> tonight police are hoping reports like this one and canvassing the neighborhood will help them catch the man who sexually assaulted that little girl and this was as bad as it gets. police say it was a violent forcible sexual assault. a playground in the middle of a large apartment community, a
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part of alexandria neighbors call little river turnpike. that's also the name of the major road out front, but it was here on the playground sunday evening between 7:00 and 8:00 a little girl became the target of a sick man. police say he took the 5-year- old girl into this apartment building basement and forced himself on her. the fingerprint dust is still evident. just an empty couple of rooms except for laundry facilities. the father who lives right next- door to the basement door spoke about the crime. >> i was like amazed because i have a son that's 4 years old. if that thing happened to him, i would be so shocked and be mad about that. >> reporter: typically is the playground crowded at that time? >> that time it's not crowded because i always do laundry at night and i never seen kids playing in there, only like older kids than 5. >> reporter: fairfax county detectives headed back to the scene monday evening to pass out flyers with information about the crime and how to
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reach them with tips. police think someone may have seen the attacker walk away with the little girl. >> first blush they may not have realized that there was anything wrong or that there was anything nefarious going on. we're hoping thathinking back they may, you know, recognize this man, maybe give us a better description once they realize that this was something that was very evil. >> reporter: detectives collected forensic evidence but now they need to find the other match. neighbors can only imagine the lasting pain for the parents and the child. >> they're going to have to live with this the rest of their law of and that little girl is old enough now -- life and that little girl is old enough now she's not going to forget this. >> we asked police if the little girl had a parent or guardian with her on the playground last night. they didn't know when we asked but said even if she did, a child as we all know can be snatched away in an instant. the suspect description is vague, but combined with the time and location of the crime detectives want you to hear.
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it he's described as hispanic, average height with an average to heavy build. he was wearing a white long sleeve buttondown shirt and dark pants. >> will thomas tonight. a woman fights back after a man tried to sexually assault her in northern virginia. arlington county police say the woman was walking home from the courthouse metro station early yesterday when a man grabbed her on north curtis road, pushed her to the ground. the woman bit his hand and yelled for help. he ran away. the nypd investigating a possible hate crime linked to a ramadan celebration. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> muslims gathering in a park to celebrate the end of a fest for ramadan found cooked bacon scattered at a park. it's believed the same person might be behind an anti posting online. muslims are barred from eating pork. an alabama man kept his wife's remains in his front
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yard where he dug her grave in 2009. james davis says those were her wishes, but the city of stevenson alabama wants her body move. they have sued and a judge ordered him to disinterhis wife. the ruling is on hold as the court of appeals considers his challenge. a california man freed after being trapped in a concrete hole nearly a day. a group of horseback riders heard his cries for help. he was walking home saturday and lost his shoe in the hole. the man tried to get it back and got stuck. firefighters hammered away at the concrete pulling hum to safety. he was not seriously injured. the pentagon confirms one of two marines killed in a surprise attack in afghanistan last week was from southern virginia. it was staff sergeant gregory copes of lynch station, the other marine from colorado. the marines were killed friday when a young afghan recruit opened fire on a group of coalition members. both victims were 36 years old. friday's attack was another case of what's being called green on blue attacks when afghan forces turn on the
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coalition troops that are training them. more than 40 service members have been killed in those attacks so far this year. president obama says steps are being taken to prevent this type of tragedy from happening in the future. >> we've got what's called the guardian angel program to make sure that our troops aren't in isolated situations that might make them more vulnerable, but obviously we're going to have to do more because this has been an uptick over the last 12 months. >> u.s. forces say they used an eight-step vetting process of afghan citizens before they're allowed to train with police or security members, but that process is now being reevaluated. at a wide ranging news conference today you saw a bit there, president obama says he does not believe congress can work out a budget compromise to avoid deep cuts in military spending before the november election. urge the congressional plan the pentagon faces half a trillion dollars in cuts the next 10 years. the president says he's still optimistic the cuts can be avoided. coming up remembering a
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woman with a legendary laugh. >> i got it. >> phyllis diller dies leaving behind decades of funny moments. >> and sue watching some cooler >> it's very nice to see, brian. temperatures will drop to the 60s in many areas and a lot of places are already there. next up on deck could be a little thick fog overnight. we'll talk more about that in that five-day forecast coming your way next as the news edge continues. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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the woman known to many as the first lady of comedy has died. veteran comedian phyllis diller passed away overnight in los angeles. she of 95 years old and had been make -- she was 95 years old and had been making people laugh for decades. here's a look back at her trail blazing life. >> reporter: that laugh, her style. more often than not the joke was on her. >> things about being in the hospital with a really ugly nurse, the one that says every time the flowers come shall we unwrap them or save them for the funeral? >> reporter: phyllis diller was without a doubt a comedy legend and a trailblazer. she was born phyllis driver in 1917 in lima, ohio. in order to support her family in the 1950s she went to work
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as an advertising copyrighter. she of encouraged to go into stand -- she was encouraged to go into standup after others spotted her flare for comedy. in march, 1955 the 37-year-old housewife first stepped into the spotlight. she began a two week run at san francisco's famous purple onion. the gig ended 89 weeks later. >> i was new in the business, brand-new comic. you know, when you're new and you're not known and you're not famous, everybody is an expert but you. >> reporter: in 1961 she made her movie debut in splendor in the grass while in hollywood she formed a close friendship with bob hope that took diller on tour to vietnam. >> they've been in the jungle too long. >> reporter: over the years phyllis diller headlined virtually everywhere in the united states and all around the world, but she never felt it was rough being a woman in the business. >> i find that being a woman had nothing to do with it.
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it's either you're funny or you aren't. if you're funny, they have to life. how can they help themselves? >> reporter: while comedy has changed over the years, diller's act didn't. she focused on domestic life while other comics take a different path. >> i don't need dirty words and i don't need clinical humor. i can get that at the doctor's office. when you're inner driven and you know what you're doing from within, that's when you're good. facebook hits another low and could your spouse be driving you to drink? laura evans back with your fox 5 top five. >> we start, brian, with the ultimate flop for facebook, no. 1, facebook stock fell to an all time low of 18.75 this morning, less than half the initial public offering price in may and if could get worse. by november almost a billion and a half shares will be available in the open market and as the stock hits more lows, analysts say more investors could cash out. meanwhile apple is the world's most valuable company ever. no. 4 tonight, the tech giant is
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now worth more than $620 billion. the surging stock propelled the company to elite stat us this morning. it's believed rumors of the iphone 5 launch and talk of a smaller cheaper ipad helped push apple to no. 1. no. 3, moms who work full time report better mental and physical health than stay at home moms or women who work part time. they tend to have more energy and are less likely to be depressed. the study suggests working moms feel more secure about money and have higher self-esteem. no. 2, marriage may drive you to drink. researchers say marriage tends to lead to more drinkinin middle aged women, not because they're unhappy, but because they're influenced by their husbands' drinking. on the other hand, men tend to drink more after a divorce. no. 1 tonight, the mountaineers like to party. west virginia university has been named the top party school in the country by news week. penn state, the university of colorado boulder, ohio university and union college in new york round out the top five
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on the list. university of maryland is no. 22 and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> looking forward to this week now we got the rain out of here. >> yeah. we've got maybe a couple spotty showers and storms around tomorrow and wednesday, but nothing widespread. we had a good line come through today that dropped about 1/3 of an inch. as we look live outside now we'll be watching for fog to form later. there's not only the moisture deposited this evening, but the humidity stays a little on the high side. you can kind of see the haze beginning to build. most of what we're seeing now is down to our stop. we'll show you on sentinel radar not only do we have these kind of diminishing, but keepen ago eye on one last rather juice -- keeping an eye on one last rather juicy storm north of hagerstown. it might graze you in washington county, but otherwise we're looking at only spotty showers left to our
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south coming out of the lower portion of maryland across the northern neck. they appear to be weakening. watch for the fog. that might be the bigger issue as we watch our line of showers and storms, mostly down powers moving well to the eastern -- downpours moving well to the eastern shore. north of hagerstown that one needs to be watched. 82 degrees, still a little heat on the weather map. it's certainly a lot better than it was most of the summer. we'll be watching to see some of these warmer temperatures, upper 80s, maybe near 90 trying to make a run at us this weekend. here is your temperature trend because the next two days very delightful. our average is dropping to 86 degrees. i love late august, early september, usually the best weather around here, 84 tomorrow, not bad, a little fog to start, maybe a spotty shower or storm in the afternoon. a little warmer wednesday at 85. then you can see as we round out the workweek we're getting a little warmer but nothing out
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of control, certainly no mid- 90s any time soon. 70 degrees right now in the district, but check out these lower 60s up to our north and west, very pleasant, a little on the humid side as mentioned. so fog will be an issue, but a couple 50s on the map. how about beckley, west virginia, 58 degrees and binghamton 57 degrees. overnight we're looking for comfortable temperatures, a spot of fog, near 60, maybe lower to mid-60s closer to the city, but still that's pretty comfortable. how about tomorrow? it looks like we'll start with early fog around 4:00, 5:00. we'll watch for spotty storms in the afternoon, 84 degrees should be our high temperature. here's your planner for tomorrow, 68 degrees at 8 a.m. second day at school for the kids in prince george's county and faquier, noon, sunshine and 80 degrees and at 5:00 our temperature 84. we'll chase a few spotty storms around. five-day forecast shows again a couple storms around wednesday and then a run of sunnier warm days. enjoy these last days of late
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august because it looks like they'll be pretty spectacular as we look toward the end of the week and first part of the weekend. we talked about a rain delay for the nats. lindsay murphy has more. yeah, they're still playing out there. this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with lindsay murphy. >> thank you. for the first time in a long time the nationals are playing meaningful baseball in august. it doesn't get any more meaningful than this three-game series against atlanta. nats lead the braves by five games in the division and have a chance to create more separation. bottom of the fist nats down 1- 0, bryce harper with a base hit to the opposite field and jayson werth comes in to score tying the game 1-1. a game of anything you can do i can do better begins. the fans into this one. four batters later nats lead 2- 1. ian desmond reinstated from dh friday gets his first hit since his return, a two-run shot, no. 18. 4-1 nats. top 5, jason heyward taking jordan zimmerman into the nats
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bullpen and that two-run shot again ties the game 4-4. bottom 9, bases juiced for jayson werth and does he hit this hard and far, but the ball caught on the warning track, a tough break for the nats who leave three men on base. right now we are still tied at 4-4 in the 10th inning. the orioles in texas against the rangers, top of the 1st adam jones sends a liner to the right side. nate mclouth comes around to score, 1-0 birds, but the rangers rally with five unanswered runs. bottom of the 5th, nelson cruz drivers one into the gap in left center. jones tracks it down, but josh hamilton scores easily after jones bobbles it. the o's cannot respond and fall 5-1. don't go anywhere. after the break an injury update on one of the redskins' star defensive players.
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this saturday the redskins are finally home for a preseason game. taking center stage will be the match-up between the top two draft picks robert griffin, iii and andrew luck. mike shanahan said the starters will play a series into the 3rd quarter. robert griffin was able to show off his mobility in saturday's second preseason game which was a loss to the bears. fifth series he sprints out of the pocket, finds leonard hankerson, one of his five completions. the next play griffin sees an open, decides to run. he picks up 14 yards and
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despite his natural athletic ability running is never the first option for the rookie. >> try to make sure i don't rely on my legs too much. i try to go through my reads and then if i have the opportunity to run, i do run. in that sense on the long run that i did have i did exhaust all my reads and a hole flashed and i took off and ran. >> redskins receiver aldrick robinson turned heads. he caught six balls for 104 yards including a 49-yard touchdown pass from kirk cousins. robinson was a 6th round pick in 2011 and spent last season on the practice squad. this year he hopes to impress the coaches enough to make the team. >> most definitely. i think i made a statement that i can make plays, that i'm a playmaker, that i can run the ball and catch the ball, run the route. it's just natural. you know what i'm saying? once you get the ball in your hands you want to get to the end zone. that's what i try to do every time i get my hands on the
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ball. >> the redskins had a square in the 1st quarter saturday when brian orakpo went down with an apparent shoulder or pectoral injury. the incident occurred when he tried to tackle devin hester and his shoulder was drug backwards. orakpo is relieved test results were negative. >> i'm working hard trying to get back and it starts popping. i thought it was done to be honest with you, but it wasn't what we expected. >> there was no fair and that was good news -- tear and that was good news. they felt a little scar tissue but nothing that serious. so he should be okay. >> brandon meriweather also expected to cover. nationals bottom of the 10th still tied 4-4. that's all for sports, but the news edge will be right back. good night. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte.
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the national zoo may be expecting a baby panda, still too early to know for sure. mei xiang is showing high levels of a pregnancy hormone, but it's not easy to tell if a panda is actually pregnant. ultrasound results are inconclusive. we may not know for sure until she actually gives birth. that would happen within the next month. the national zoo hasn't welcomed a baby panda since 2005. we remember it well. bottom of the 10th nats/braves tied up at 4-4, could be a late night. thanks for staying up late with
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us. see you.   >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.


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